What’s Behind Curtain Number One…?

What’s Behind Curtain Number One…?

You may have heard that carrots help your night vision. And if you’re at all inquisitive or keep the History Channel on for white noise, you know the truth to that statement is slight, as this “fact” was used by the RAF during WWII to explain why their shooters could take out Nazi planes in the dark night skies. Another British WWII thing that’s still around today – and has more than just one use – are blackout curtains. If you have a new baby chances are you’ve been at least advised to purchase blackout curtains for a dark nursery during naptime. But did you know they’re also energy efficient? Yeah. Your mind is blown, right? Think about those implications.

The main purpose of the blackout curtain during WWII was to prevent Nazi planes from seeing the lights of an inhabited building, evading bombs night after night. Naturally, that’s its main function blocking light. This has a multitude of benefits especially if your job occurs overnight, or you have a young child sleeping during the day. Some brands claim a 99% effectiveness in blocking light and they cost a pretty penny, but worth every dime when you weigh it against the quality of your sleep.

Blackout Curtains also carry the potential to block out noise. Again, a major benefit for day sleeping. In much the way thick curtains soak up sound within a room, these dense curtains can reduce noise up to 40% in some cases.

But the absolute best perk of these curtains is their energy saving capabilities. Since they are already blocking light from entering or exiting a window, so do they trap heat inside while adding a layer that keeps the outside elements at bay, be they hot or cold. Most of the energy lost in homes due to heating and air loss and its constant circulation is literally flying out the window. Your home can lose anywhere between 10% – 25% of thermal energy through the window. Adding blackout curtains to your home can save up to 25% in energy usage, which means savings for your pocket too.

Like everything else in this world, there are options in the type of materials used and special results they produce as well as design. From basic to decorative, you can have it all. Style and functionality. Or go with a basic blackout curtain to line the windows and dress your room in custom made curtains. Thicker, double-sided curtains will provide extra blockage of light and heat loss. Pair a bright, bold pattern on the front with a basic stripe or solid color on the back to compliment the outer design. And when the time comes, change them at will to easily update the look of a room.

The cost of blackout curtains are not cheap, especially if you decide on an all-in-one designer brand, however the benefits and savings are worth the expenditure. In this day, whether it’s your wallet or the environment, every little bit counts. Every small step is a step in the direction of progress, and that’s a direction worth heading towards.   

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