Things to Watch Out For When Getting a Solar Power System Installed In Your Home

Things to Watch Out For When Getting a Solar Power System Installed In Your Home

Companies selling solar power equipment usually doesn’t give complete information about their products and equipment. Many popular sales pitch includes “go solar, save hundreds of dollars.” If you consider investing in solar power then you need to know about some important factors like the price and quality of the tools and equipment. Solar panels are an excellent idea for home improvement when you are looking for cleaner energy!

If you want to invest in a solar power system for energy efficiency, then you must be aware of the nitty gritty details of an effective solar power system.

Consider your Electricity Costs

The savings from investing in a solar energy system will depend on your utility bills.. The electricity rate varies significantly on the location of your home. Different rates exist in different cities and states. Depending on the location and state, you could be paying as little as eight cents per kilowatt in one state, but in another, the rate could be as high as 20 cents. If your utility bills are high, then investment in a solar panel will help you save up each month on energy costs.

Costs for Installation

On a roof of 200 square meters, a system can be installed with a capacity of 16.5 kilowatts, a roof of 100 square meters can be installed about 8 kW and so on. Common costs for installation and energy efficiency depends on many factors. The cost of installing a large home system of 15 kilowatts costs a small fortune, depending on the quality of the equipment and the installation work. A onetime investment in top-quality equipment is always a smarter choice. The cost of installation varies the roof size and your energy requirement.

Always Ask for a Price Quote

Contact reliable companies that provide solar systems for generating electricity and ask them to quote a price for their installation service and equipment. The quotation must include the price of the equipment like solar panels, batteries, and other accessories. You have a proper plan, building permits, and installation requirements for a solar power system. The proposal must include all the work including energy efficiency, engineering and approvals, compliance with fire extinguishing tools, electrical connections, high-level work devices, contractor’s insurance, communication connections, and a safety system.

Consider your Financial Position

Solar systems are a perfect alternative for traditional energy. We recommend to include it in your home improvement plan! Solar energy is cheaper and greener alternative to energy generated by fossil fuels. If you do not have the financial means to install a good solar panel with excellent batteries and storage units, then you need to save up before you decide to invest. Other options could include applying for a bank loan with easy payment options. In fact, most companies also provide easy instalments, making it easier for you to purchase solar system for your home.  

Choose a Reliable Company

Consider choosing a reliable company that offers high-quality services. The market in the U.S. for solar panels and other tools is filled with equipment of different brands and companies from around the world. Choose a brand that provides excellent products with no compromise on the quality of the equipment and offer good customer services.

Energy Builders have years of experience in providing premium solar panels and equipment. Consult us for more information on solar panels and energy efficient home construction.

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